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Audio Realignment Technologies is a US-based company made up of an extraordinary team of Audiophiles, Craftsmen, Scientists, and Engineers who are united by an undying passion for music and music reproduction. With more than 55 years of combined experience within the audio industry, A.R.T’s mission and unwavering commitment is to continue improving sound reproduction through innovative and effective means of lowering system noise-floor. As a result of our unique and proprietary technology, we achieve tighter, faster, deeper, and more impactful bass, increased clarity and dynamic range. With that, more natural, cohesive midrange, highs and truly accurate imaging, solidify a greater overall sense of three-dimensionality within the sound stage.

Following years of exhaustive product testing, our team has designed and produced the innovative 1X through 22X series of passive Electromagnetic Treatments. These highly unique devices bring forth a new level of sonic performance from your Home AV integrated receivers, separate home audio components (such as mono and/or multichannel amplifiers), power distribution, speakers, DSP’s and a multitude of mobile audio components. As they are passive, no wiring is required. Just follow our instructions to place them on top of or underneath your audio components and allow them a few minutes to let the “magic” start to happen. 

Our products are built for audio enthusiasts who are truly passionate about sound quality and seeking out the most revealing and musical reproduction experience possible from their audio components. Our Electromagnetic Treatments can greatly enhance the listening experience by elevating your gear and music collection to a new level of refinement.

A.R.T. is also proud to say that our Electromagnetic Treatments are 100% designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S.A. 

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